Chives In The Garden

Chive plants growing in Aspegren Garden, Pietarsaari, Finland.

Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)

Did you know that the purple colored flowers are edible? Add them to salads, eggs, cream cheese or just about anything that you would put the chives into.


5 thoughts on “Chives In The Garden

  1. So many fine posts you have already made 🙂 – I have chives in my garden too ( and have taken pictures of them – but not posted them – yet!) – we eat them often instead of onions or garlic. Very nice pictures of them – I like the second most – with that beautiful blurry background. Your carnations were very beatiful too!!! And you have a good eye for details around – like the “moray eel” (what is that???!), old doors or rusty chains!

  2. Fine images of the Chives. They are ‘Summer images’ as i see them.
    We eat the flowers too. When they are as in image 2 they are very tasty and crisp. One of my favourites: If you have leftovers of new potatoes (Cold). Slice them and put them on ‘rugbrød’ add mayonaise and lots of flowers form chives. Add salt for taste.

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